Ocular Stencil Services

ATS Laser Stencil offers a complete range of services to complement its range of product offerings. These include:

  • R&D Custom Engineering
  • Stencil Design
  • Design Review
  • Design Check
  • Check Plots
  • Confirm Modifications and Guidelines
  • Area Ratio Check
  • Layout and QA Checklist
  • Foil Remounting
  • Artwork

Ocular Stencil Product Range

ATS is a partners to prestigious corporation Bon Mark Co. Ltd, who are the leaders in their respective fields. ATS have been entrusted as Bon Mark’s exclusive sole distributor for stencil products in Malaysia.


Ocular Stencil product range includes:

Laser Cut Metal Stencil for SMT
Laser Cut Metal Stencil for SMT
Electro-forming Stencil for Wafer
Electro-forming Stencil for Wafer
Electro-forming Stencil for SMT
Electro-forming Stencil for SMT
Electro-forming Stencil for COB
Electro-forming Stencil for COB
Screen Stencil
Screen Stencil
Metal Part
Metal Part

Milling Stencil

  • —Z- Axis dimensional accuracy within 5μm
  • Complete edge control ensures a consistent angle and radius allowing apertures to be designed closer to steps and pockets
  • A more gradual transition in stepped areas can extend the life of the squeegee and stop paste build up within the transition
  • —Controlled smooth transition between steps
    • Avoids deposition and hardening of paste
    • Decreased chance of damage to squeegee blade
  • Surface roughness in stepped areas similar to original material
    • —Less paste smearing
    • Reduced wiping frequency
    • Lower print pressure required
  • —More repeatable printing process
    • —Thickness accuracy increased
    • —Constant accuracy in removal of material

Method of production Etching Hybrid Milling
Accuracy +/-10% (variable) +/-5% (consistent)
Roughness Ra >0.50 μm Ra <0.50 μm
Transition Uncontrolled Controlled
Process Hazardous Clean

Chip On Board STENCIL

COB (Chip On Board) stencil is used for printing on the PCB with pre-mounted devices (such as bare chip ) or PCB with some convex parts on its surface . This can be helpful when you want to avoid the contact with such pre-mounted devices or some convex on the surface, and at the same time you want other parts being flat condition in printing.

     This stencil is produced by electro-forming method, made of special Nickel Alloy( for this hardness, the stencil has long durability without crack or chip-off )

Key Features includes:

  • This stencil enables you to do the normal printing process even when the PCB has pre-mounted devices or some convex part to be avoided contact by covering
  • SMT equipments and technology, as it is!
  • Shorten the process for cost reduction!
  • Stable device mounting quality!
  • Long durability in stencil and good quality in printing!

COB-shape example

※shape as specified


New Electro Polished Laser-Cut- Stencil (NEO Mask)

  • Optimum for fine pitch printing
  • Making aperture’s surface more smooth and obtained far better paste release performance, compared with our standard one
  • Improvement of finishing for aperture wall surface after laser-cutting

Normally there are some dross on the surface just after Laser-cutting.(photo- 3) And they are removed for more stable printing performance. With NEO polishing, we’ve achieved further step for aperture wall smoothness.(Photo-1,2)

     All that’s for the better printing result, especially for finer-pitch the market will require.

Photo-1 After NEO polish [x500]
Photo-1 After NEO polish [x500]
Photo 2- After NEO polish [x150]
Photo 2- After NEO polish [x150]
Photo 3- Just after laser cutting/ Without e-polish [x500]
Photo 3- Just after laser cutting/ Without e-polish [x500]

Introducing New Metal Squeegee



This is a new product on which surface overall has dimpled hollows on which surface is covered with Nimfron-plating.

Varieties of solder ball direction will facilitate paste movement
Varieties of solder ball direction will facilitate paste movement

     The dimpled surface gives the solder particles varieties of vector in movement, which bring the better performance of paste ,and can be obtained better printing result.

* solder particles go inside hollowed dimple and this will generate various directions of ball movement, which brings more active performance of paste

BON MARK INTERNAL PRINTING TEST IN ( with dimple squeegee ) AND (without dimples squeegee)

Normal Plain SQ


Inside paste, solder particle movement is not enough active, which makes the paste still sticky (less move)

Dimpled SQ


     After squeegee stroke and when suqeegee head goes up , You can see the less amount of solder paste is brought up with squeege in Dimpled Squeegee (Right Photo), compared with (Left Photo –without dimpled)

BM Metal Mask: BM Coating Invention


  1. Controlled Collapse Bonding Connection such as Wafer Level CSP & Flip Chip
  2. BGA Substrate
  3. Plastic Dot Spacers for Touch Panels

Pitch 200μ     Opening 140μ

Thickness, t = 6     5μm
Thickness, t = 6 5μm


  1. BM material repels flux (Flux-repellent)
  2. Minimizing the remainder of solder creams on the opening wall
  3. Preventing flux spreading the backside of the metal mask.
  4. Promoting the cleaning performance for the remainder of solder cream

After 50 consecutive printing (Without BM coating)    Remainder of solder:Lots of solder


After 50 consecutive printing (With BM coating)Remainder of solder:None

After 50 consecutive printing (Without BM coating)   Spread of flux:visible


After 50 consecutive printing (With BM coating)  Spread of flux:Invisible